Magic Megan Is An Puppet That Has No Eyebrows AT ALL And Has Blond Hair And A Red Shirt.

He Is Ernie's Younger Brother And LOVES DRUG STORES AND BUBBLES And Likes Magic


Peppermint Park Volume 1:Magic Moments



Peppermint Park Volume 2:The Story Lady

Cover Cameo


-He Appears On The Covers Of Volumes 1 and 2

-On Volume 1's Cover He Looks Like His Real Appearance

-On Volume 2's Cover He Has Eyebrows While He Does Not In The Show

-He Appears On the cover Of Volume 2,While He Does Not Make an appearance in it at all


((You can get some bubble liquid at The Toy store and most DRUGSTORES!))

((Ala-Oie-Bama! This Magic Spell Will....OH HI!))

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